Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A great leap backwards

South Dakota passes law making abortion ilegal. Go here for some video footage revealing a little of the political climate there.
Missouri is also considering a similar bill in addtion to several others which would:

  • Deny alimony to ex-spouses who live with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • Ban all abortions.

  • Provide tax credits for contributions that help kids in lousy school districts to attend private schools.

  • Propose a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to pray in schools and on other public property.

  • Allow pharmacists, insurance companies, doctors and hospitals to deny treatment if the procedure or medication offends their moral values.

  • Propose a constitutional amendment to allow the Ten Commandments to be displayed on public property.

Rep. Cynthia Davis, an O’Fallon Republican and sponsor of several bills, said conservatives are tired of an overly permissive society in which high school students are taught how to use condoms.
“It’s time to get back to the basics,” Davis said. “Our country has been hijacked by liberals. We’ve had people with left-wing ideas pushing us away from what made America strong.”


Michigan as well apparently.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

one thing to say............ GRRRRR don't go backwards people go forwards!!!!!

21/3/06 15:37  

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