Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday random 10

This seems to be a tradition among some of the blogs I lurk so I'll add my own picks. 10 Songs picked from my Itunes library randomly(ish). What can I say, my music collection is a wee bit eclectic and I've been listening to a little bit of music from the homeland lately.

AngelSarah MclachlanMirorball
ParihakaHerbsListen: The very best of
Blue Sky mineMidnight OilBlue sky minning
Won't give inThe Finn brothersEveryone is here
LoyalRunga/Dobbyn/FinnTogether in Concert: Live
A poem for ByzantiumDeleriumPoem
Home AgainPacifierLive
Guts and the GloryShihadLove is the new hate
Du HaastRammsteinMatrix Soundtrack
Changes3 Doors DownAway from the sun


Anonymous julie said...

As a newcomer to NZ music, I have to say I like your selection. Thanks for the sampler. Got the latest Bic Runga. Maybe when I get home you can explain the whole Herbs phenomenon to me!

16/3/06 08:35  

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