Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday random 10

Stray VoltageGramsciLike stray voltage
If I CouldStellar*Magic line
Basket CaseGreen DayInternational Superhits
Just ForNickelbackSilver Side Up
More Human Than HumanWhite ZombieAstro-Creep 2000
Boat ParadeFive for FightingAmerica Town
Amazing GraceHaley WestenraPure
Buffalo SoldierBob MarleyLegend
PossessionSarah McLachlanMirrorball
Wait And SeePacifierLive


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see some Gramsci up there man! Paul McLaney (the main man behind Gramsci) played here last week. Just a wee relaxed acoustic show, but it was seriously good to finally see/hear him live again. Hopefully the full band will come down here soon, although apparently it's a bit like cat herding. :)


31/3/06 18:28  

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