Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Digital cameras are fun!

In November last year I was lucky enough to get a work related trip to Kenya. Unfortunately my old 35mm camera let me down a wee bit. I shouldn't compalin too much, the problem was that it was just so bright there during the day, that most of the pictures that I took while I was over there came out over exposed for example:


Whereas at one point I borrowed a digital camera and there was just no comparison
scavenging hyena

I can't complain too much since my old camera can take good pictures when the conditions aren't as bright:
Boulder Beach 3

So I suppose in part it was the result of what was a NZ$400 camera vs what is probably several thousand dollars (Canon EOS 20D). This was a little bit out of my price range but I did get a good digital camera and it does seem to take some nice shots...
Sarah P Duke Gardens 3
And yes in part I did just want to show off some of my pictures


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