Tuesday, June 27, 2006

American drivers are Insane

Well at least some of the ones in North Carolina are.

Normally I'm carless, which can be a pain in Durham, the city that spread. A few weeks back my house mate went on holiday and left me with her car while she was gone. I was already well aware of the common disability that affects drivers here, that is the inability to use their indicators. While this can be mildly annoying, it's worse at 75mph, when someone swings into the lane just ahead of you.

I have to admit to having a heavy foot when it comes to driving (although not to the same degree as some individuals within the OUTC), but the clowns in their muscle cars, swinging in and out of traffic and just begging to get a speeding ticket, or a citation for dangerous driving, are a little worrying, especially I'm on eof the people currently on the road at the time. The worst I saw was when I went to pick my housemate up from the airport when she returned. Their were a couple of yahoos who appeared to be racing each other along the freeway. Their driving wouldn't have been too bad if there wasn't as much traffic on the road as it was, oh and if they weren't tailgating each other and other drivers. Fortuantely, the last I saw of them was as they were playing chicken to see who would be forced to pull back as they took the off ramp onto I40.


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