Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A trip to Quebec

I recently did a trip to Quebec to attend a friends wedding. Quebec City was amazing, with the old city being really impressinve. I hadn't realised that the old city was walled and that the wall was still standing, and it was aregualr warren once in there. It was the start of the summer festival there and ther ewere large numbers of people out and about on the streets. The food was amazing, and we had some really good meals reflecting quality french cusine. The local beers were good and I have a couple of bottles in the fridge waiting to be drunk.
The wedding itself was on the shores of the St Lawrence near a small provincial town called Montmagny. The location was ideal with the river in the background, and surrounded by the wonderfuly landscaped garden of the brides parents.

While the trip was great and a much needed holiday for me, we did learn one important lesson. Chinese buffet in canada is not very good, and should be avoided at all costs. We went out for dinner in Montmagny the evening before the wedding. I will say that the crabs legs were good and that the required implements for getting at the crab meat were there, as for the rest, well I'd rather not say....